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May 22, 2008
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Danger of Love by BenHeine Danger of Love by BenHeine
Ben Heine || Facebook || Twitter ||

Love is MAGIC but it can be so painful sometimes... :(
Older experimental sketch on paper (ink and watercolor).

For more information about my artwork:

Love is a Sickness

A poem by Samuel Daniel (*)

Love is a sickness full of woes,
All remedies refusing;
A plant that with most cutting grows,
Most barren with best using.
Why so?

More we enjoy it, more it dies;
If not enjoy'd, it sighing cries--
Heigh ho!

Love is a torment of the mind,
A tempest everlasting;
And Jove hath made it of a kind
Not well, nor full nor fasting.
Why so?

More we enjoy it, more it dies;
If not enjoy'd, it sighing cries--
Heigh ho!


(*) Samuel Daniel (1562 October 14, 1619) was an English poet and historian. Daniel was born near Taunton in Somerset, the son of a music-master. He was the brother of John Daniel. Their sister Rosa was Edmund Spenser's model for Rosalind in his The Shepherd's Calendar; she eventually married John Florio. In 1579, Daniel was admitted to Magdalen Hall (now known as Hertford College) at Oxford University, where he remained for about three years and afterwards devoted himself to the study of poetry and philosophy. A "Samuel Daniel" is recorded in 1586 as being the servant of Edward Stafford, the Baron of Stafford and the English ambassador in France. This is probably the same person as the poet. More : [link]

--> The poem appeared on [link]
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s-shi Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
I like
miss-candi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008  Professional General Artist
Oh how true this piece is....wonderful job.
curlycow Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
jolie caricature :)

Est ce que tu t\'es inspiré du texte, ou l\'as tu associé après la réalisation de ton oeuvre?
James-Lee Featured By Owner May 25, 2008   Photographer
very cool imagery :)
OmarMomani Featured By Owner May 25, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
no comment
NovaStarX Featured By Owner May 24, 2008
Wow... That's not morbid at all... :(
StephanusEmbricanus Featured By Owner May 24, 2008
You brought it to the point!!! :)
Roke-onE Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
that poem is so true.. i really like the way you put your message across in this the red looks like a death red not a lovey dovey red that everyone one else see's when they think of the heart and love.. i really like this one nice stuff..
Ms-Typo Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
The creativity is awesome, but I'm not quite sure I like the color palette.
staatsf Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
great image Ben
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